Where is hot in October? Best sunny destinations for autumn 2023 (2023)

If you're dreaming of a trip abroad towards the back end of the year, there are plenty of hot holiday options in October.

For fans of European beaches or shorter flight times, the usual culprits of sunny Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, and Morocco offer far warmer weather than typical for the UK.

Happy to travel further afield? You've got plenty of choice, from hot and humid Mexico (see: Cancun) to far-flung island paradises such as the Seychelles and Asian rainforest adventures.

Beach escapes are a given, but there are a few city breaks and nature-packed trips to consider, too.

Excited? Let's take a look at some of the hottest destinations around the globe in October.

Where is hot in October?

Tenerife, Canary Islands

Sunshine hours:
Seven hours
Flight time:Four hours, 10 minutes

Tenerife is lovely in summer, but it's year-round sunny weather make it an ideal place to be in autumn too.

The possibility of 26°C, the average high for October, is too good to pass up – as is the fact that sea temperatures hit a gorgeously warm 24°C, and that you'll be visiting just after the bulk of tourists (in August) and leaving just before the rainiest months.

So, what to do in Tenerife? The largest of all the Canary Islands, you can for an all-inclusive resort holiday, laze by the pool, beach or perhaps have a splash in waterpark Siam Park.

But if you can pull yourself off the sun lounger: take an island hike, marvel at Mount Teide in Teide National Park, enjoy a day trip to Garachico, check out Los Gigantes cliffs, or try whale-watching.

You also can't go wrong elsewhere in the Canary Islands, as Lanzarote and Gran Canaria also hit average highs of 26°C this month.

Athens, Greece

Sunshine hours:
Six hours
Flight time:Three hours, 40 minutes

With its low 20s temperatures, you'll be just warm enough (but not too hot) to discover everything Athens – the sprawling capital city of Greece – has to offer visitors.

Make your way to the Ancient Greek citadel Acropolis, and explore the old neighbourhood Plaka beneath it, or uncover the history of Greek mythology at the Temple of Poseidon.

Historic and UNESCO sites aren't the only draw. You're in Greece, after all, so there'll be plenty of delicious food to try (and Athens is not short of guided tours on the subject).

There'll be plenty of time to chill, too, perhaps in the pretty National Gardens, or enjoy art at its contemporary museum.

If you like to explore cities on foot, hike to the top of Mount Lycabettus, Athens' highest point at 277 metres tall (or, if you don't, you can hop in the cable car instead).

Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

Sunshine hours:
10 hours
Flight time:Five hours, 20 minutes

If you really want to feel the heat, Egypt in October does the trick – with average highs of 31°C, a sea temperature of 27°C, and cardigan-shunning evening temperatures of around 20°C.

After all, it is still technically summer, with Egypt's (mild) winter not kicking in until November, lasting until mid-April.

Expect golden sandy beaches along the Red Sea, with plenty of resort hotels to choose from. If you're keen to explore the area, try the local Old Market, which is home to the Al Sahaba Mosque.

Want more beach time? Na'amba Bay is known for its diving, snorkelling and watersports opportunities as well as its nightlife, while Ras Um Sid and Shark's Bay Beach are also worth a gander.

Brisbane, Australia

Temperature: Up to 26°C
Sunshine hours:
Nine hours
Flight time:22 to 23 hours

Travel to Australia was off the cards during the pandemic, but as Down Under is more open these days, it's nice to dream about a possible visit. Not so nice? The flight time. Oof.

Still, if you've got time and money, Australia in October is a wonderful choice for a hot yet adventurous holiday.

And Queensland – home to the Great Barrier Reef – is no exception.

The state capital, Brisbane, is a wonderful city focused around its huge river, from which you can hop on a CityCat ferry, or explore the river bank's nearby parks.

It is also well-known for its restaurants and nightlife, and also for the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, which is the largest koala sanctuary in Australia.

Of course, it's worth the flight (or drive along the Queensland coast) to see (and dive in) the Reef – despite talk of climate change damaging its UNESCO World Heritage status last year.


Temperature: 26°C to 29°C
Sunshine hours:
Eight hours
Flight time:23 to 25 hours

Reaching Tahiti is no walk in the park, as flight times vary wildly from 23 hours to well over a day including connections.

But surely a breathtaking paradise in the South Pacific is worth the extra effort.

The island is also the major hub for, and largest island of the 118-island-strong archipelago French Polynesia.

Tahiti is famously figure eight-shaped, split into Tahiti Nui and the smaller Tahiti Iti, with both offering stunning beaches – surrounded by crystal clear ocean that is ripe for swimming, snorkelling or Catamaran sailing.

Tahiti is also known for black sand beaches, hidden caves, gorgeous lagoons, cascading waterfalls, and green mountain peaks encircling the island – all of which can be explored, ideally with a guide.

You can also experience the Municipal Market in Papeete, the capital of Tahiti and French Polynesia – as well as pay a visit to a museum dedicated to the archipelago.

Truly a once-in-a-lifetime type of destination.

The Seychelles

Sunshine hours:
Eight hours
Flight time:10 hours

The Seychelles in October practically guarantees hot weather: low 30s in the day for sunbathing, and low 20s to keep you warm in the evenings.

However, it is perhaps the rainiest month in this East African country, so expect a few scattered showers to cool you down throughout your holiday.

Even if it was freezing, it would be impossible to get bored of the many islands making up The Seychelles, their white sandy beaches and endless views of the Indian Ocean.

Smaller islands to consider include La Digue – home to Anse Source d'Argent Beach, which really does look straight out of a postcard – resort island Ile du Nord, giant tortoise haven Curieuse, or Praslin, taken over by the lush Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve.

Mahé, however, is the main island, and is where you'd find the majority of Seychelles residents and the country's capital city, Victoria.

Here, you can expect to visit a vibrant local market, see interesting architecture, and enjoy more beaches.

Marrakesh, Morocco

Temperature: Up to 30°C
Sunshine hours: Eight hours
Flight time: Three hours, 45 minutes

Marrakesh in Morocco, located in North Africa, often lands on 'where's hottest?' lists, thanks to its high temperatures.

In October, you can expect averages of 24°C, climbing as high as 30°C – with warm days, balmy evenings and very little rainfall a real possibility, a salve when arriving from the chilly UK.

Even if it ends up being a touch cooler, there's plenty to keep you busy in this fast-paced city.

Popular places to visit include the bustling Jemaa el-Fnaa market square, Jardin Majorelle gardens, local souks for shopping, and the Koutoubia mosque, which dates back to the 12th century. If you can, stay in a riad.

And if you're after some shade, there are museums in Marrakesh, too – devoted to photography, Moroccan handicrafts, and the Algerian-born French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent.


Temperature:28°C to 31°C
Sunshine hours:
Six hours
Flight time:15 hours

Borneo is a real bucket list destination for many travellers.

And October is just at the end of Borneo's peak season, making it an ideal time to visit, weather-wise and price-wise.

This South-East Asian destination is somewhere you go to explore and witness a glimpse of nature in all its glory – namely the many species of wildlife living in its 130-million-year-old rainforest.

Borneo is famously one of only two places where you can still find orangutans in the wild.

According to Audley Travel, they can still be seen in their natural habitats in the month of October, though dedicated sanctuaries on the island care for them year-round.

It's also a wonderful time to try diving at Sipadan, a Malaysian island nearby. If you time things right, you'll also be visiting during Diwali – the Hindu festival of lights.


Sunshine hours:
Seven hours
Flight time:Two hours, 20 minutes

Portugal's often a safe bet in October, at least compared to the UK.

If you don't get the average high of 23°C, you'll hopefully be looking at 21°C but no less than 18°C – which compared to the UK's chillier 13°C is rather pleasant.

The only problem? Deciding where in Portugal to go. Yep, you've got stacks of holiday options in this southern European gem.

A city break to Lisbon, the capital, is always a winner – as great views, delicious food (such as pastel de nata) and exciting excursions (such as to towns Sintra or Evora) are built right in.

There's also popular Porto, a city famed for its amazing bridges and incredible wine – or venture out to a lesser-known destination, such as Braga, Coimbra or Aveiro.

Just want to chill on the beach before winter comes? Fair enough. Head to the gorgeous Algarve, which includes popular resort city Albufeira and the region's historic capital Faro.

Kos and Dodecanese Islands, Greece

Temperature: 23°C
Sunshine hours:
Eight hours
Flight time:Four hours (to Kos)

If you want to escape the cold this autumn, one of the Dodecanese Islands is a great place to holiday.

After all, it is often dubbed 'the sunniest corner of Greece', offering highs of up to 23°C in October.

Opt to relax on the beaches of popular Kos, overlooking the pristine, turquoise Aegean Sea, or explore Rhodes, the islands' capital – famous for its mountains, archaeological sites and medieval town.

If you want to veer slightly further away from the well-trodden islands, you could visit Symi, with its dazzling yellow-hued port town, or nature-packed Nisyros.

Kalymnos, meanwhile, is known worldwide for its natural sea sponge. Yep, as in... actual sponges.

If you're a big fan of the Greek Island Crete, why not consider Kasos? The Visit Greece tourist website notes they both share many similar qualities.

Muscat, Oman

Temperature: Up to 35°C
Sunshine hours:
Flight time:Seven hours, 30 minutes

For scorching temperatures in October, the city of Muscat in Oman delivers.

You'll average around 30°C, typically hitting up to 35°C as the day progresses and the sun keeps shining through a cloudless, rain-free sky – staying warm in the evening at a balmy 25°C.

Thomas Cook also notes that the waters of the Gulf of Oman, which Muscat's sandy shores overlook, are around 29°C at this time of year.

In addition to beaches, there is much to explore in this part of the Middle East, such as mountains, the souq [souk or market], Mutrah Corniche, the National Museum of Oman and stunning Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque.

Beyond Muscat, a visit to Wahiba Sands desert and the ethereal oasis of Wadi Bani Khalid are a must – both can be visited as part of an arranged guided tour.

Paphos, Cyprus

Temperature: 23°C to 27°C
Sunshine hours:
Eight hours
Flight time:Four hours, 40 minutes

Paphos is a family holiday favourite, with plenty of hotels to choose from for a laze-by-the-pool getaway.

Sometimes, you just need a cocktail to sip as you lay on a sun lounger. Or a dip in the 25°C sea. Or the type of relaxing trip where warm evenings allow you to enjoy a late dinner outdoors.

However, you'd be wrong in thinking that this destination in south-west Cyprus has little else to offer, as it is also home to a fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Both the neighbourhood Kato Paphos and nearby village of Kouklia are home to some seriously important ancient sites, including mosaics and archaeological remains of Nea Paphos (Aphrodite's Sacred City) and the Temple of Aphrodite respectively.

In Kouklia, you'll find the sea stack Petra Tou Romiou, aka Aphrodite's Rock, which is mythologised as the birthplace of the legendary Greek goddess of love and beauty.

Dubai, UAE

Temperature:Up to 36°C
Sunshine hours:
Flight time:Seven hours, five minutes

Like Muscat, you can expect soaring temperatures in Dubai in October.

The UAE city can see 30°C, with 36°C highs not unheard of – while the average minimum is a still sunny 24°C.

Along Dubai's beaches, a paddle in the ocean will keep you warm with water temperatures reaching 32°C.

Of course, Dubai isn't just about the beach. It's marvellously luxurious. Expect glamorous and expensive hotels (that are well air-conditioned, thankfully) and plenty of opportunities to shop.

Marvel at Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, or try to break away from the glitziness and pay a visit to a local souk, café or gallery in the Deira or Al Seef districts.

Also worth exploring is the historical neighbourhood, Al Fahidi, with its 18th century fort and carefully-restored houses providing a small glimpse into 19th century life.

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It's wise to check the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office website for the latest travel advice for your dream destination.

Check your destination's government website for their entry requirements and ensure you will meet any remaining testing or vaccination requirements before you buy or fly.

It's also wise to book comprehensive travel insurance before you go on holiday, to ensure you are covered should you fall ill or your trip is cancelled.

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Where is hot in October? Best sunny destinations for autumn 2023? ›

Some of the best countries to visit during the month of October are Turkey, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Mauritius, Bhutan and France among others.

Which country is best to visit in October 2023? ›

Some of the best countries to visit during the month of October are Turkey, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Mauritius, Bhutan and France among others.

Where is best to go for hot weather in October? ›

On average, some of the hottest places to visit in October are:
  • Sharm El Sheikh (28 °C)
  • Lanzarote (26.8 °C)
  • Cyrpus (26.7 °C)
  • Gran Canaria (26.4 °C)
  • Kos (26 °C)
  • Rio de Janeiro (26 °C)
  • Algarve (23.2 °C)
  • Rome (22.4 °C)

What state is still hot in October? ›

Whether you're looking for a balmy beach holiday, a lively city break, or a quiet nature getaway, you'll be spoilt for choice. In this guide, you'll find lots of diverse destinations from warm states to visit in October, including Texas, Florida, and Hawaii.

What is going to happen in October 2023? ›

The Saturday, Oct. 14, 2023, annular solar eclipse will cross North, Central, and South America. It will be visible in parts of the United States, Mexico, and many countries in South and Central America. In the U.S., the annular solar eclipse begins in Oregon at 9:13 a.m.

What is the first place to go into 2023? ›

The first country to celebrate New Year's Eve annually is the Oceanic country Kiribati—the island of Kiritimati to be precise.

Is Greece warm in October? ›

It's pretty mild at this time of year, but it's a good idea to bring along a jumper or light jacket for the evenings. The average daily maximum is 22 C and the average daily minimum is 8 C.

Is the weather good in Mexico in October? ›

Yes — The average weather in Mexico in October is hot, humid and rainy for most of the month. If you're visiting Mexico City and/or Central Mexico, the temperatures cool down considerably at night, but this is not the case on Mexican beaches. For Mexico beaches, you can expect 95°F days (35°C) and 85°F nights (29°C).

Where is the warmest water in October? ›

TOP 8 cities for swimming in october:
  • #1 Dubai. Sea temp.: 89°F. October : ideal swimming.
  • #2 Cancun. Sea temp.: 84°F. October : ideal swimming.
  • #3 Miami. Sea temp.: 83°F. ...
  • #4 Punta Cana. Sea temp.: 85°F. ...
  • #5 Bangkok. Sea temp.: 85°F. ...
  • #6 Taipei. Sea temp.: 79°F. ...
  • #7 Hurghada. Sea temp.: 82°F. ...
  • #8 Tel Aviv. Sea temp.: 80°F.

Where is it hot to vacation in October? ›

Where is hot and sunny in October
CountryCityAverage temperature in October
ThailandBangkok92°F / 33°C
USADestin80°F / 26°C
EgyptSharm El-Sheikh89°F / 31°C
USAHonolulu89°F / 31°C
6 more rows
Feb 7, 2023

How is Aruba in October? ›

Aruba in October

Temperatures in October are still hot, ranging from 80 to 90 degrees, but rainfall starts to increase significantly, averaging about 3 inches for the month.

What will happen in 13 October 2023? ›

National days on Fri Oct 13th, 2023. Explore worldwide events, festivals, funny, weird, and national days on this day! It's National Train Your Brain Day, World Egg Day, National No Bra Day, Vet Nurse Day, National M&M Day… and much more!

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National days on Mon Oct 16th, 2023. Explore worldwide events, festivals, funny, weird, and national days on this day! It's World Food Day, Global Cat Day, National Boss' Day, Department Store Day, National Feral Cat Day… and much more!

Where is the best place to see the total eclipse 2023? ›

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Oregon residents will get the first chance to see the solar eclipse on Oct. 14, 2023, and people who head to the mountains for the event could witness the eclipse over the pristine blue waters of Crater Lake.

Where is everyone moving to in 2023? ›

Based on migration data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Americans are moving to Austin, Texas; Raleigh, North Carolina; Orlando, Florida; Dallas, Texas; and Phoenix, Arizona. The most moved-to cities are based on percentage increases in population since 2010.

What is the best city in the world 2023? ›

Best Cities to Live in the World in 2023
  • Toronto. ...
  • Vancouver. ...
  • Taipei. Global Finance Report Score: 0.48. ...
  • London. Global Finance Report Score: 1.0. ...
  • Madrid. Global Finance Report Score: 0.58. ...
  • Singapore. Global Finance Report Score: 0.96. ...
  • Seoul. Global Finance Report Score: 0.75. ...
  • Paris. Global Finance Report Score: 0.88.
Apr 21, 2023

How to make 2023 the best year yet? ›

More strategies for your best year yet

Take a break from technology to prevent burnout, being intentionally present. Practice mindfulness or meditation to stay grounded, or read a book. Invest in yourself by taking classes or investing in resources to help you reach your goals.

What will be the best country in 2023? ›

Switzerland. Switzerland looks to be the best country to live in 2023. It was the highest-ranking country on the latest HDI report, with a score of 0.962. Switzerland has remained at the top spot since 2015 and has seen an annual average growth of 0.19%.

Is 2023 a good year to travel? ›

According to Booking.com, U.S. travelers are feeling overwhelmingly more optimistic about traveling in 2023 compared to 2022 and, despite some current instability felt globally, nearly three quarters (73 percent) report that traveling will always be worth it.


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